Best translation apps for Android

Getting the right translation app for your needs is important. Here , we’ve tried out tons translation apps for many different purposes and compiled the top picks into one comprehensive list. Here are the best translation apps for Android.

Best translation app for offline use: Microsoft Translator

Microsoft jumped into the Android translation market with its simple and sophisticated app. It’s designed for offline use and supports 42 languages. Getting them is easy. You just need to download each language individually. Each one is around 200 MB and once downloaded you will be able to translate offline.

The interface for Microsoft Translator is practical and well-designed. When you open the app you are given four buttons for quick access. You can choose speechb detection translation, keyboard translation or two-way translation.

While the interface is much nicer than most translation apps, Microsoft Translator is not a versatile translation app. There aren’t any options for instant text translation and if you want this feature, read on. The app does support Android Wear and this can give you quick translation access that other apps cannot.

AndroidPIT hello app

Best all-round translation app: Google Translate

If you need a translation app that does everything you need – plus things you never thought you needed – then Google Translate is the ticket. It works with any Android app so you can quickly translate within WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Evernote, Google Chrome, Feedly, etc.

If you need a solid multi-function translation app, then Google Translate is your best bet.

The type-translate function currently supports 90 languages, which are also supported if you want to take a picture and have it translated or use your finger to write the words. Two-way automatic voice translation is limited to 40 languages.

The coolest feature of Google Translate is the instant camera text translation, which instantly translates public transportation schedules, warning signs, menus and many more. The size or font of the text does not matter, Google Translate will instantly translate it. This function is limited to 26 languages, but works incredibly well, and you will be amazed at the number of instances where it comes in handy.

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Best translation app for voice recognition: Translate voice

Translate voice has the best voice recognition of any of the translation apps we could find. You can say a word or read an entire paragraph and the app keeps up with you. It is dependent on your smartphone’s voice recognition capabilities so results could vary.

Translate voice has the best voice recognition of any translation app.

This app is especially helpful for when you are in social situations where typing is impractical. With Translate voice, you can say phrases and then play the translation aloud to the other person.

Translate voice is limited by its number of usable functions. If you need something that is more thorough in its translation services, you should probably try one of the other translation apps.

AndroidPIT translator apps 2

Best translation app for simplicity: Easy Language Translator

If you want a translation fast on a simple interface then Easy Language Translator is your best bet. This app was developed with ease-of-use in mind and is ideal for beginners. It has just two translation functions – typing and speaking – and they both offer up translations quickly.

Easy Language Translator’s buttons are relatively large and have flags next to them so you can quickly distinguish between the languages. The large font size makes it easy to see your translations. The app only has a few functions but that’s part of what makes it so easy.

The default settings are user-friendly but you can customize them to make the app even better. There are 10 font sizes and six themes. You can choose which functions you want, such as dictionary, phonetics and corrections.

androidpit best translation apps

Best translation app for individual words: PONS

PONS Online Dictionary is a dictionary with translator functions, which means it can give you in-depth descriptions of words. Words often have several meanings, so PONS gives you a few options displayed in a simple interface.

The word ‘current’ could mean ‘electrical current’ or ‘new’ and could appear as a noun or an adjective. You need to find out which way this word is meant to be used in order to get the right translation and PONS is great at helping you figure this out.

PONS is also good for finding and translating phrases in which to use these words. A suggested phrase for ‘current’ is ‘this version is current,’ which is immediately translated on the other half of the screen. This gives you a better understanding of the word in both languages.

ANDROIDPIT google translate 5

Best translation app for accuracy: iTranslate

If you need a sentence or two translated, iTranslate will give you the most accurate results. It is equipped to handle more than 90 languages. And though this is just a small fraction of the total languages in the world, it will be useful in the majority of situations.

iTranslate is also the best app to use for typing or copying text. The swipe feature quickly copies blocks of text and translates them effortlessly. If you find something in your translation that you may need later, you can save it in your favorites.

While the voice recognition is not the best, it does have an amazing audio function that can read back translations in different dialects. For instance, you can choose between British, American and Australian English. You can also have the text read back to you more slowly.

AndroidPIT translator apps 5

What do you use translation apps for? What do you think is the best translation app? Let us know in the comments


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