How to get WhatsApp on your tablet

It is unfortunate that, by default, WhatsApp (still) isn’t compatible with tablets, but there are ways to work around this. Some of the solutions involve complex maneuvers such as rooting your device, but there is one method that is far simpler than that, and it works. Here is our guide on how to install WhatsApp on a tablet.


You need a phone number to create a WhatsApp account. If you use your current phone number, you will lose the WhatsApp account on your smartphone and it will be transferred to your tablet. Therefore, you must purchase a new SIM card and get a new number.

This is the cheapest, quickest, and most effective way to get WhatsApp on your tablet. Just insert your new SIM card into your handset and copy all of your contacts across to your new SIM before you start the procedure. You will be able to re-insert your old SIM card again once you’re done.

How to get WhatsApp on your tablet

1. Download the latest WhatsApp.apk from the WhatsApp website on your tablet. In order to do this without being redirected straight to the Google Play Store, use either Chrome or Firefox as your browser and then request the Desktop site in the menu.

2. From there, click on Android download and the .apk file will be downloaded to your tablet. (Alternatively, you can download it on your PC and then transfer it to your tablet via USB or email.)


3. Ensure that you’re able to install from unknown sources. To check if you are, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources on your tablet. This will allow .apks that aren’t downloaded directly from Google Play to be installed on your devices. Always make sure you know what you’re downloading and installing if you are going to have this setting enabled long-term. Otherwise, uncheck Unknown sources as soon as you’re done with this process.

4. Install the WhatsApp .apk on your tablet.

5. Launch the app and follow the instructions. When it asks for a number to authorize the application, enter in your new number. It won’t authenticate automatically, you will receive a text message with a code to use to authorize the app first.


6. Once authorized, set up your WhatsApp account as normal.

7. Voila! WhatsApp on your tablet!


How to move WhatsApp to your tablet

The process above will install WhatsApp on your tablet with a brand new account (so share your new number with your friends if you want it to be useful). If you are only looking to transfer a WhatsApp account from your current device to your tablet, just follow the same steps using your current phone number.

The authorization will follow the same steps, but your account will be transferred over and it won’t be active on your smartphone anymore. If you want to transfer your WhatsApp chat history, hit the link to find out how.

Have you installed WhatsApp on your Android tablet? If so, tell us in the comments how it went!


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