New Android apps you have to download in June 2016!!!!!


Spaces – Small group sharing

Spaces is a new social networking/messaging app from Google. You may not have heard of it, or may have tried to ignore it because it’s a social app made by Google, but I think it’s worth checking out.

Rather than creating a large network with hundreds of friends and followers, Spaces is concerned with keeping it small scale. It’s a social platform where you can post links, pictures, YouTube videos and more to conversations with your friends.

It works the same as many other messaging apps except it houses a fresh, Material Design look and a slightly different format: Spaces is designed specifically for group conversations.

Download it from the link here, and for more interesting things from Google this month, check out Science Journal

AndroidPIT new android apps 0357


quickReply allows you to respond to messages without entering an app. This feature is becoming more prevalent – WhatsApp provides it and Android N will allow you to reply straight from your lockscreen – but if you can’t wait for the functionality to come to other apps, install quickReply in the meantime.

It works with many popular messaging apps (though SMS functionality is yet to be properly integrated), so if you use Skype, Telegram, Kik etc, quickReply will allow you to respond to messages without stopping what you’re currently doing. Nice.

AndroidPIT new android apps 0355


When you message with GIFs you really get to explore communication. Using GIFs forces you to pay attention to the subtleties of animation, to the power of short-form storytelling. It enhances the simple art of messaging.

Also, some people just like to see cats doing backflips.

Until now, Giphy was only available as an extension of Messenger, but in May it was released as a standalone app, providing more GIF goodness for everyone.

The Giphy app – which works similar to the web version – allows you to search and discover GIFs to suit your every need and share them via Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, email: whatever platform you wish.

AndroidPIT giphy hero

So guys,these are my recommendation for june…Share you experience by commenting!!!


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